Simonis Genealogy


     For their often unknown (and maybe unwilling) cooperation
I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the following persons and organisations:

  • Dr. P. Bos (†) for his very well documented article "De familie Ligger/Legger in Veendam en Wildervank, De oudste generaties 1650-1800", (The Ligger/Legger family in Veendam and Wildervank, The oldest generations 1650-1800), published in the Year-book Gruoninga 1992, pages 78 unto 111
  • Dr. A.W.E. Dek (†) for the many data in his book "Bloedverwanten van Prins Maurits" (Bloodrelatives of Prince Maurits), published by Zuidhollandse Vereniging voor Genealogie "Ons Voorgeslacht" Rotterdam 1993
  • Hergen Tjakke Schuringa in Hoogeveen for the detailed and elaborate study of his lineage (unpublished, Hoogeveen 1988), kindly put at my disposal by his son Anthonie Johan
  • my wife's third cousin Ebbel Brands in Amerika for the many quarters of her maternal grandmother (his great-aunt) Trientje Brands
  • the article 'Bierling te Groningen' by Petronella J.C. Elema, Gens Nostra 55-10 (October 2003), pages 505 unto 539
  • the article 'De Drentse familie Emmen(s)' by Bé Emmens, Drents Genealogisch Jaarboek 2007, pages 23 unto 111
  • Ed van den Barselaar for the (very probable) ancestors of my maternal grandmother
  • Johan Elsenbroek for information on the older generations Elsenbruch (
  • Guus Gisolf en Herman Visser for the (very probable) ancestors of Gezina Gisolf(
  • Berend Jan Maat for the ancestors of Helena Pieterse van Delft
  • Ronnes Soenveld for the data of his study in Germany concerning the Soenveld lineage
  • Roelof van Wijk for the ancestors of Elisabeth van Doccum
  • Jan Tolboom for the (very !) large amount of children of Goris Maliepaard
  • Theo Witberg for data from notarial acts about the oldest Simonis generations
  • all members of the Simonis family who sent me information. Among them Frank and Lou Simonis in Australië, Albert Simonis in Soulsbyville (USA) and the late René Simonis in Garden Valley (USA)
  • all members of the Schuringa familie who sent me information
  • e-mail dated 19.04.2012 by Hans Homan Free

    Furthermore I have been able to get a lot of info from a host of sites on the Internet.
    The most important were:
  • the database of the 'Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie' in The Hague (
  • the database of the 'Drents Archief' (
  • de Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging (Dutch Genealogical Society) (
  • de Digitale Stamboom Delft (Digital Pedigree Delft) (
  • de Digitale Stamboom Rotterdam (Digital Pedigree Rotterdam) (
  • Het Utrechts Archief (The Utrecht Archive) (
  • the database 'Veendam and Wildervank on line' by Leen Lamain, removed from the Internet, alas
  • the site of Wim J. Schuringa in Nijkerk (
  • the site of 'The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints' (
  • the database of Ancestry (
  • the database of Gendex (, also removed from the net
  • the database with baptisms in Groningen by Menne Glas, also removed from the Internet, alas, and replaced by 'Alle Groningers' (
  • the Hogen Esch genealogy (
  • the Rubingh genealogy (
  • the Schrage genealogy (
  • the Schuiling genealogy
  • the site of Arend Arends ( with detailed information on the families Bavinge,Ebbinge,Luinge and Wolters 
  • the site De Keijzer-Eikelenboom ( with lots of data on the families Van Bommel en Gijseman


The data on the 'Ancestors' page have not all been checked by me,
so I can not vouch for their accuracy.
According to official rules I'd have to mention the places where to find all the information,
together with number and date. But I think the site would then become 'unreadable'.
Therefore, always assume that
NOTHING in my pedigree and ancestor table is correct
and check it all yourself !


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