Simonis Genealogy


Ancestor table
of MichaŽl, GabriŽlle and Miriam Simonis

(the first 5 generations)

ATTENTION ! IN Holland dates are given: day.month.year


  GENERATION I (probands)

1a. SIMONIS, MichaŽl Frederik, born Hilversum 19.10.1965, has a relation with Anna Jacoba Groeneveld, born Sneek 01.04.1973 (further information omitted for privacy reasons)
From this relationship:
a. Christiaan Simonis, born Breda 06.12.1995
1b. SIMONIS, GabriŽlle Thelina, CCM (Certified Credit Manager), born Hilversum 29.12.1967, marr. Vorden (G.) 04.08.1994 Erik Reusen, born Utrecht 10.10.1955 (further information omitted for privacy reasons)
From this marriage:
a. Amber Mackenzie Reusen, born Lelystad 10.01.2005
1c. SIMONIS, Miriam Elisabeth, born Hilversum 16.04.1970, marr. Ter Aar 06.06.1997 Johan Peter de Graaf,
born Haarlem 13.09.1965
(further information omitted for privacy reasons)
From this marriage:
a. Bob Johan de Graaf, born Leiderdorp 17.09.1999
Lars Laurens de Graaf, born Leiderdorp 08.04.2003 


2. SIMONIS, Hans, born The Hague 11.06.1938, actor/announcer/producer-presentator radio, marr. Hoogeveen 06.11.1964 (further information omitted for privacy reasons)



3. SCHURINGA, Trientje, born Loppersum 14.10.1939, bapt. (reformed) Loppersum 16.06.1940, died Meppen (Germany) 30.05.2006
  From this marriage:
  a. MichaŽl Frederik Simonis, born Hilversum 19.10.1965 (proband a)
  b. GabriŽlle Thelina Simonis, born Hilversum 29.12.1967 (proband b)
  c. Miriam Elisabeth Simonis, born Hilversum 16.04.1970 (proband c)




 4. SIMONIS, Frederik Gerardus Johannes, born The Hague 27.12.1906, awning and Venetian blind maker,
died The Hague 17.03.1976, marr. The Hague 27.05.1931



5. ZWALVE, Petronella Elisabeth, born The Hague 02.02.1911, died The Hague 22.01.2003
  From this marriage:
  a. Freddy Simonis, born The Hague 16.06.1934
  b. Hans Simonis, born The Hague 11.06.1938 (quarter 2)



6. SCHURINGA, Hendrik, born Veenoord (mun. Sleen) 20.10.1907, director fruit and vegetable auction,
died Groningen 14.05.1986, marr. Emmen 25.06.1935



7. SOENVELD, Thelina, born Klazienaveen (mun. Emmen) 16.08.1913, died Leek 04.04.2006
  From this marriage:
  a. Tjakke Schuringa, born Loppersum 07.06.1936
  b. Trientje Schuringa, born Loppersum 14.10.1939 (quarter 3)
  c. Marchien Alberta Afina Schuringa, born Groningen 12.09.1944
  d. Thea HenriŽtte Grietje Schuringa, born Hoogeveen 07.04.1955



8. SIMONIS, Marinus Johannes Christiaan, born The Hague 01.08.1869, merchant/fish monger, died The Hague 18.11.1934, marr. The Hague 14.11.1894



9. KRAAK, Petronella Gerritje Maria, born Utrecht 30.12.1868, died The Hague 08.05.1908
  From her:
  - Maria Petronella Kraak, born Utrecht 19.11.1891, died The Hague 22.12.1891


From this marriage:

  a. Marinus Johannes Christiaan Simonis, born The Hague 04.07.1895
  b. Jan Marinus Hendricus Simonis, born The Hague 25.05.1897
  c. Maria Antoinette Charlotte Simonis, born The Hague 05.06.1899
  d. Petronella Gerritje Maria Simonis, born The Hague 02.07.1901
  e. Anthonia Maria Simonis, born Utrecht 12.07.1903
  - still-born daughter, born/died The Hague 01.11.1905
  f. Frederik Gerardus Johannes Simonis, born The Hague 27.12.1906 (quarter 4)



10. ZWALVE, Tieleman Pieter, born The Hague 18.04.1887, merchant/coffee-house owner, died Alkmaar 29.09.1960, marr. The Hague 25.09.1907



11. BARSELAAR, Lena Francina van den, born The Hague 07.01.1889, died Groet (mun. Schoorl) 25.09.1973
  From this marriage:
  a. Wilhelmina Zwalve, born The Hague 06.01.1908
  b. Cornelis Zwalve, born The Hague 08.08.1909
  c. Petronella Elisabeth Zwalve, born The Hague 02.02.1911 (quarter 5)
  d. Petronella Louise Zwalve, born The Hague 26.09.1913
  e. Arie Zwalve, born The Hague 13.03.1915
  f. Tieleman Pieter Zwalve, born The Hague 12.09.1917
  g. Akke Zwalve, born The Hague 07.11.1920



12. SCHURINGA, Tjakke, born Annerveenschekanaal (mun. Anloo) 29.10.1871, farmer, died Veenoord (mun. Sleen) 20.12.1943, bur. Veenoord (mun. Sleen) 24.12.1943, marr. Anloo 19.10.1904



13. EMMENS, Marchien, born Annen (mun. Anloo) 11.09.1883, died Coevorden 22.11.1962, bur. Veenoord (mun. Sleen) 26.11.1962
  From this marriage:
  a. Albert Hendrik Schuringa, born Wildervank 22.04.1905
  b. Hendrik Schuringa, born Veenoord (mun. Sleen) 20.10.1907 (quarter 6)
  c. Lambertus Schuringa, born Veenoord (mun. Sleen) 18.12.1911



14. SOENVELD, Jeronimus, born Groningen 18.10.1876, house-painter, died Klazienaveen (mun. Emmen) 23.02.1967, bur. Klazienaveen (mun. Emmen) 27.02.1967, marr. Gasselternijveen (mun. Gasselte) 21.06.1906



15. BRANDS, Trientje, born Gasselternijveen (mun. Gasselte) 13.08.1876, died Klazienaveen (mun. Emmen) 08.01.1961, bur. Klazienaveen (mun. Emmen) 12.01.1961
  From this marriage:
  a. Afina Soenveld, born Klazienaveen (mun. Emmen) 06.04.1907
  b. Edo Soenveld, born Klazienaveen (mun. Emmen) 26.11.1908
  c. Grietje Soenveld, born Klazienaveen (mun. Emmen) 09.02.1911
  d. Thelina Soenveld, born Klazienaveen (mun. Emmen) 16.08.1913 (quarter 7)
  e. Jan Hendrik Soenveld, born Klazienaveen (mun. Emmen) 09.01.1916



16. SIMONIS, Frederik Gerardus Johannes, born The Hague 01.03.1837 (as Frederik Gerardus Johannes Elfert, acknowledged at his parents' marriage 06.12.1837), merchant, died The Hague 25.03.1918, marr. The Hague 18.09.1861



 17. ELSENBROEK/ELZENBROEK, Maria, born The Hague 23.09.1828, maid-servant, died The Hague 23.07.1917



In her birth certificate Maria's father is called 'Elsenbroek', in her marriage certificate both Maria and her father bear the name 'Elzenbroek'

  From this marriage:
  a. Adrianus Simonis, born The Hague 11.07.1862
  b. Maria Frederica Simonis, born The Hague 18.10.1863
  c. Anna Frederika Christina Simonis, born The Hague 08.10.1865
  d. Hermanus Simonis, born The Hague 18.10.1867
  e. Marinus Johannes Christiaan Simonis, born The Hague 01.08.1869 (quarter 8)
  f. Maria Simonis, born The Hague 04.11.1871
  g. Frederik Gerardus Johannes Simonis, born The Hague 22.10.1873



 18. KRAAK, Jan Marinus Hendricus, born Utrecht 10.06.1837, trunk-maker, died Utrecht 18.02.1893, marr. Utrecht 02.11.1864



Although Jan had drawn a place in military service by lot, he was later exempted because of physical defects.



 19. WERKHOVEN, Maria Antonnetta Charlotta, born Langbroek 03.05.1834, maid-servant, died Utrecht 08.04.1913
  From this marriage:
  a. Johanna Maria Cornelia Kraak, born Utrecht 29.12.1864
  b. Maria Hendrika Kraak, born Utrecht 07.12.1866
  c. Petronella Gerritje Maria Kraak, born Utrecht 30.12.1868 (quarter 9)
  d. Maria Kraak, born Utrecht 20.05.1871



Anthonia Maria Kraak, born Utrecht 11.05.1874



Wilhelmina Adriana Kraak, born Zeist 07.06.1876



 20. ZWALVE, Cornelis, born The Hague 13.09.1848, baker/later house-painter, died The Hague 04.12.1896,
marr. The Hague 28.08.1872



 21. ZIJDERVELD, Petronella Elisabeth, born The Hague 13.06.1849, died The Hague 06.03.1930
  From this marriage:
  a. Helena Petronella Elisabeth Zwalve, born The Hague 14.11.1873
  b. Johannes Zwalve, born The Hague 04.01.1880
  c. Pieter Coenraad Zwalve, born The Hague 27.10.1881
  d. Cornelis Zwalve, born The Hague 13.03.1884
  e. Petronella Elisabeth Zwalve, born The Hague 28.01.1886, died The Hague 11.02.1886 ('two weeks old')
  f. Tieleman Pieter Zwalve, born The Hague 18.04.1887 (quarter 10)
  g. Jacoba Hendrika Zwalve, born The Hague 13.02.1889
  h. Magdalena Zwalve, born The Hague 25.05.1893



 22. BARSELAAR, Arie van den, born The Hague 03.09.1864 (as Arie Roodhuizen, acknowledged at his parents' marriage 14.03.1866), copper-smith/fireman/engine-driver, died The Hague 24.08.1923, marr. The Hague 10.02.1886



 23. MALIEPAARD, Wilhelmina, born Haarlemmermeer 09.05.1862, died Voorburg 12.08.1938
  From this marriage:
  a. Beatrix Wilhelmina van den Barselaar, born The Hague 06.12.1886
  b. Lena Francina van den Barselaar, born The Hague 07.01.1889 (quarter 11)
  c. Mattijs Ary van den Barselaar, born The Hague 30.04.1890
  d. Goris van den Barselaar, born The Hague 12.07.1892
  e. Arie van den Barselaar, born The Hague 13.11.1893
  f. Francine van den Barselaar, born The Hague 08.03.1897
  g. Petronella Louise van den Barselaar, born The Hague 22.11.1898



24. SCHURINGA, Albert Hindriks, born Wildervank 05.08.1832, farmer, died Annerveensekanaal (mun. Anloo) 29.02.1896, marr. Anloo 29.04.1859



 25. SCHUILING, Lammechien, born Anloo 26.07.1834, died Annerveenschekanaal (mun. Anloo) 26.05.1897
  From this marriage:
  a. Roelfina Jankiena Schuringa, born Annerveensekanaal (mun. Anloo) 10.03.1860
  b. Evert Schuringa, born Annerveensekanaal (mun. Anloo) 30.06.1862
  c. Hindrik Schuringa, born Annerveensekanaal (mun. Anloo) 28.02.1865
  d. Harmke Schuringa, born Annerveensekanaal (mun. Anloo) 20.06.1867
  e. Sietske Schuringa, born Annerveensekanaal (mun. Anloo) 20.08.1869
  f. Tjakke Schuringa, born Annerveensekanaal (mun. Anloo) 29.10.1871 (quarter 12)
  g. Egge Schuringa, born Annerveensekanaal (mun. Anloo) 23.02.1874
  h. Hergen Schuringa, born Annerveensekanaal (mun. Anloo) 18.03.1876
  i. Geertje Schuringa, born Annerveensekanaal (mun. Anloo) 08.03.1877



 26. EMMENS, Hendrik, born Vries 14.04.1828, farmer, died Anloo 09.11.1892, marr. Anloo 07.05.1870



 27. MENNEGA, Cristina/Christina, born Eext (mun. Anloo) 29.06.1844, labourer, died Gasteren (mun. Anloo) 13.11.1919
    Cristina Mennega marr.1į Anloo 09.03.1866 Harm Udding, born Anloo 24.11.1838, died Eext (mun. Anloo) 26.10.1868, son of Hindrik Harms Udding and Geesien Mulder
Cristina Mennega marr.3į Anloo 28.12.1907 Roelof Kamping, born Gasteren (mun. Anloo) 25.08.1860, died Gasteren 30.04.1944, widower of Lutgertien Vrieling, son of Klaas Kamping and Annechien Menting
  From this marriage:
  a. Geertien Emmens, born Anloo 29.02.1872
  b. Berendina Emmens, born Anloo 05.03.1874
  c. Jan Emmens, born Anloo 28.09.1876
  d. Gezina Emmens, born Anloo 04.02.1880
  e. Marchien Emmens, born Annen (mun. Anloo) 11.09.1883 (quarter 13)



 28. SOENVELD, Jan Hendrik, born Wildervank 25.11.1847, baker/tram-conductor, died Veendam 14.09.1911, marr. Groningen 25.04.1872



29. BIERLING, Afien/Aafien, born Groningen 05.09.1850, died Veendam 23.08.1936
  From this marriage:
  a. Thelina Soenveld, born Groningen 08.02.1873
  b. Fennechien Soenveld, born Groningen 16.02.1875
  c. Jeronimus Soenveld, born Groningen 18.10.1876 (quarter 14)
  d. Roelof Jan Soenveld, born Groningen 31.10.1878
  e. Hillechiena Soenveld, born Wildervank 16.07.1882
  f. Alberdina Soenveld, born Wildervank 04.05.1885
  g. Otto Soenveld, born Wildervank 08.07.1889



30. BRANDS, Edo, born Zuidbroek 17.12.1832, tailor, died Gasselternijveen (mun. Gasselte) 21.07.1901,
marr. Gasselte 27.05.1865

Edo was exempted from military duties, because he was too small !



 31. SCHUITEMA, Grietje, born Leek 16.12.1839, seamstress, died Stadskanaal 28.08.1930
  From this marriage: :
  a. Hinke Brands, born Gasselternijveen (mun. Gasselte) 17.02.1866
  b. Trijntje Brands, born Gasselternijveen (mun. Gasselte) 26.10.1867
  c. Jan Brands, born Gasselternijveen (mun. Gasselte) 01.12.1869
  d. Jans Brands, born Gasselternijveen (mun. Gasselte) 27.10.1871
  e. Tammo Brands, born Gasselternijveen (mun. Gasselte) 02.12.1873
  f. Trientje Brands, born Gasselternijveen (mun. Gasselte) 13.08.1876 (quarter 15)
  g. Ebbel Brands, born Gasselternijveen (mun. Gasselte) 04.08.1878
  h. Harm Brands, born Gasselternijveen (mun. Gasselte) 10.06.1881

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