Simonis Genealogy

Ancestor table of Michaėl, Gabriėlle and Miriam Simonis

ATTENTION ! IN Holland dates are given: day.month.year

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32. SIMONIS, Adrianus, bapt. The Hague (rc church Casuariestraat) 28.05.1810, tinsmith/labourer/
died The Hague 24.10.1863, marr. The Hague 06.12.1837
     At his marriage, Adrianus is in military service as 'nummerwisselaar' (a kind of replacement). After drawing lots for conscription, you could (for a certain amount of money) change your number with someone else who went in your place.
Adrianus drew a blank (did not have to become a soldier), but could evidently use the money



33. ELFFERT, Anna Maria, born Amsterdam 18.12.1811, seamstress, died The Hague 08.03.1897



Familysearch gives her birth date as 18.12.1814, but I have seen her birth certificate in Amsterdam.
Furthermore her marriage certificate states that she is almost twentysix in 1837 and her death certificate that she was 85
  From this marriage:
  a. Frederik Gerardus Johannes Simonis, born The Hague 01.03.1837 (quarter 16)
  b. Cornelis Johannes Hendrik Simonis, born The Hague 26.11.1838
  c. Johannes Hendrik Simonis, born The Hague 01.01.1840
  d. Johannes Christiaan Simonis, born The Hague 02.02.1843
  e. Adrianus Johannes Simonis, born The Hague 03.11.1844
  f. Johannes Marinus Simonis s, born The Hague 08.06.1846, died The Hague 07.09.1846 ('three months old')
  g. Johannes Marinus Simonis, born Delfshaven 21.07.1847, died The Hague 25.08.1847 ('one month old')
  h. Anna Maria Appolonia Frederika Simonis, born Rotterdam 23.08.1848
  i. Leonardus Arnoldus Simonis, born The Hague 13.05.1850
  j. Antonie Marinus Simonis, born The Hague 19.03.1852
  k. Anna Maria Simonis, born The Hague 18.12.1853
  l. Johannes Marinus Simonis, born The Hague 26.04.1857, died The Hague 21.05.1857 ('three weeks old')
34. ELSENBROEK, Hermanus/Hermannus, bapt. Doesborgh 07.10.1798, "fuselier van de negende Afdeeling Infanterie in Guarnisoen alhier" (Doesburg)[= fusilier of the ninth Infantry Batallion in garrison here (Doesburg)]/later: servant, died The Hague 11.05.1871, marr. The Hague 16.11.1825
    According to Johan Elsenbroek Hermanus was born on 11.04.1797 and baptized on 07.10.1799. That date of birth would fit better with the ages given in his marriage and death certificate. But baptism one and a half year after birth seems a bit strange.



35. MEIJER, Maria, bapt. Soeterwoude 04.10.1798 ("uyt de Suydbuurt" = a borough of Soeterwoude; witn.: Gerrit Steyns, Gysie Koster), cleaning lady, died The Hague 16.01.1864



In the marriage certificate of Maria Meijer her mother is called 'Alida Koster'. In some other certificates the mother appears as 'Adriana Korver'. That however was the name of her father's second wife.

  From this marriage:
  a. Helena Maria Elsenbroek, born The Hague 23.08.1823
  b. Antje Elsenbroek, born The Hague 01.05.1826
  c. Maria Elsenbroek, born The Hague 23.09.1828 (quarter 17)
  d. Hermanus Martinus Elsenbroek, born The Hague 07.05.1831



Catharina Elsenbroek, born The Hague 05.07.1833



Klaartje Elzenbroek, born The Haguee 02.05.1836



Johanna Elzenbroek, born The Hague 23.09.1839

36. KRAAK, Jan, bapt. Utrecht (Catharijnekerk) 25.12.1811, braid maker/weaver, died Utrecht 27.04.1896, marr.1° Utrecht 10.08.1836 Maria Hendrika Bakker (see quarter 37); marr. 2° Utrecht 28.02.1849 Maria van Dam, born Utrecht 11.02.1826, knitter, died Utrecht 18.02.1902, daughter of Anthonie van Dam and Maria Clasina de Mari(e)
    On there are two captions of the birth of a Jan Kraak in Utrecht on 25.12.1811 with a baptism on 13.06.1819 (eight years after birth !), both times as - illegitimate - son of Maria Kraak, but one time as father Johan Jacob Schrijver (impossible, because Schrijver already died in 1800), the other time as father a certain Johannes van Deudekom



37. BAKKER, Maria Hendrika, born Utrecht 12.11.1815, seamstress, died Utrecht 29.09.1847
  From marriage 1:
   a. Jan Marinus Hendricus Kraak, born Utrecht 10.06.1837 (quarter 18)
  b. Hendrika Maria Kraak, born Utrecht 03.03.1840, died Utrecht 31.12.1840 ('ten months old')
  c. Hendrika Maria Kraak, born Utrecht 17.12.1841
  d. Petronella Kraak, born Utrecht 22.03.1844



Janus Kraak, born Utrecht 21.09.1847, died Utrecht 15.08.1849 ('one year old')

  From marriage 2:
  f. Anthonia Clasina Kraak, born Utrecht 17.02.1850
  g. Adrianus Theodorus Kraak, born Utrecht 07.07.1852, died Utrecht 17.07.1852 ('ten days old')



Marinus Kraak, geb. Utrecht 15.11.1853

 i j. Adriana Johanna Kraak, born Utrecht 08.03.1856
  j. Christina Wilhelmina Kraak, born Frederiksoord (mun. Vledder, Dr.) 28.12.1857
In the birth certificate of this child the father's occupation was mentioned as 'kolonist' (= settler). He had moved to the peat-colonies in Drente, but did not stay there for long.
  k. Nicolaas Kraak, born Weststellingwerf 11.04.1860
  l. Johannes Kraak, born Weststellingwerf 08.09.1862
  m. Maria Kraak, born Utrecht 02.09.1866, died Utrecht 29.01.1869 ('two years of age')



Maria Kraak, born Utrecht 25.06.1869

38. WERKHOVEN, Cornelis, bapt. Doorn 18.05.1806, gardener's hand, died Utrecht 06.10.1889, marr.1° Doorn 09.02.1832 Hendrika Josina van der Lingen (see quarter 39); marr.2° Utrecht 01.04.1857 Gerritje Jacobse, born Driebergen 13.11.1819, died Utrecht 10.12.1879, daughter of Maas Jacobse and Rijkje van der Maat
     The (transcription of the) marriage certificate calls the groom 'Werhoven'
In Gerritje's death certificate (1879) she is said to have been '63 years of age'. So born in 1816. The birth certificate, however, was found in 1819 !




LINGEN, Hendrika Josina van der, born Beusichem 15.10.1806, bapt. Beusichem 26.10.1806, died Sterkenburg 01.07.1849

  From this marriage:



Rut Werkhoven, born Langbroek 17.05.1832, died (probably) Langbroek 29.05.1833

  b. Maria Antonetta Charlotta Werkhoven, born Langbroek 03.05.1834 (quarter 19)



Dirk Werkhoven, born Langbroek 26.09.1835, died Sterkenburg (Hardenbroek) 07.11.1835 ('six weeks old')

  d. Dirkje Werkhoven, born Sterkenburg 17.12.1836
  e. Gerrigje Werkhoven, born Sterkenburg 22.01.1839, died Sterkenburg 23.06.1839



Gerrigje Werkhoven, born Sterkenburg 22.06.1840

  g. Hendrika Werkhoven, born Sterkenburg 02.04.1843



Cornelia Werkhoven, born Sterkenburg 15.02.1846, died Sterkenburg 10.10.1849 ('three years old')

  i. Jannigje Werkhoven, born Sterkenburg 27.05.1847
40. ZWALVE, Jan Jans, born Eexta (mun. Scheemda) 04.03.1813, grenadier(1824(/in marriage certificate: without occupation/later: merchant, died The Hague 26.06.1895, marr. The Hague 12.04.1843
  Jan's birth certificate says 'Zwalve', but his father signs 'Swalve'
41. BRETEMOZER, Magdalena, born The Hague 17.10.1816, shopkeeper, died The Hague 26.06.1886



In the birth certificates of her children, Magdalena appears as Bredemo(o)ser, Bretemo(o)zer and Bre(e)demouzer

  From her:
  - Johannes Jacobus Cornelis Bredemozer, born The Hague 24.08.1842, died The Hague 28.02.1843 ('six months old')



Notification of birth by 'Jan Jans Zwalve, grenadier, 29 years old'. So we can assume he was the father

  From this marriage (i.a. ?):



Johannes Jacobus Cornelis Zwalve, born The Hague 21.03.1844



Cornelis Jacobus Zwalve, born The Hague 30.09.1845, died The Hague 10.05.1846 ('seven months old')



Angenita Zwalve, born The Hague 04.08.1847, died The Hague 15.12.1847 ('four months old')

  d. Cornelis Zwalve, born The Hague 13.09.1848 (quarter 20)



Angenita Zwalve, born The Hague 27.11.1850



Grietje Zwalve, born The Hague 17.05.1853

  g. Magdalena Zwalve, born The Hague 16.05.1855
Magdalena marries Haarlemmermeer 24.05.1871, 16 years of age, with a 43 year old man !



Jacobina Zwalve, born The Hague 09.01.1857,

42. ZIJDERVELD, Gerrit, born The Hague 07.11.1828, braid maker, died The Hague 21.10.1851, marr. The Hague 21.03.1849

Notification of birth by an uncle, Jacobus Versteegh, who states that the mother's name is 'Wilhelmina Versteegh' and that she is a widow.
Braids are the gold, silver or silk galloons on uniforms and formal dresses



43. BOMMEL, Pieternella/Petronella van, born The Hague 27.01.1828, maid-servant, died The Hague 04.03.1905 ('widow of Tieleman Meijer, earlier widow of Willem Frederik Daniėl Beckerman, before that widow of Henderik Johannes Adolf, before that widow of Gerrit Zijderveld')
    Petronella van Bommel marr.2° The Hague 21.02.1855 Hendrik Johan(nes) Adolf, born Rotterdam 11.03.1827, cigar maker, died The Hague 03.04.1855, son of Johan Hendrik Adolf and Geertruida Hinke
In Hendrik's birth certificate father and son are called 'Adolph', in his death certificate the first Christian name is 'Henderik'
Petronella marr.3° The Hague 31.10.1869
Willem Frederik Daniėl Beckerman, born The Hague 10.05.1830, died The Hague 27.09.1862, son of Jan Daniėl Beckerman (cabinet-maker) and Maria Magdalena de Jager
Petronella marr.4° The Hague 03.05.1865 Tieleman Meyer, born The Hague 19.06.1819, bricklayer, died The Hague 12.10.1888, widower of Sophia Maria van den Berg, son of Jan Meijer (shoemaker) and Jannetje van Ingen


From marriage 1:

  a. Petronella Elisabeth Zijderveld, born The Hague 13.06.1849 (quarter 21)



Gerrit Zijderveld, born The Hague 14.10.1851, died The Hague 28.11.1851 ('55 days old')
44. BARSELAAR, Matthijs van den, born Wassenaar 06.11.1837, labourer, died The Hague 02.02.1914, marr.1° The Hague 14.03.1866 Beatrix Roodhuijzen (see quarter 45); marr.2° The Hague 03.05.1893 Wilhelmina Maria Toetenel, born The Hague 18.05.1856, cleaning lady, divorced wife of Jacobus Johannes van Dongen, daughter of Johannes Toetenel and Wilhelmina Maria Barends, divorced The Hague 23.01.1894; marr.3° The Hague 11.04.1849 Jannetje van der Meer, born Leiden 24.09.1849, died The Hague 14.11.1922, widow of Johannes Hubertus Misdorp, daughter of Jan van der Meer (woolcarder) and Jannetje Ouwerkerk
  Wilhelmina Maria Toetenel marr.1° Rotterdam 09.05.1877 Jacobus Johannes van Dongen, born Rotterdam 10.01.1852, died Poortugaal 31.12.1936, son of Christiaan van Dongen and Maria Antonia Wilhelmina Hoogenboom, divorced 14.11.1889
Jannetje van der Meer marr.1° Leiden 18.08.1875 Johannes Hubertus Misdorp, born Amsterdam ... ± 1852, porter, died The Hague 21.08.1892, son of Jan Misdorp and Antonia Jacomina Dingerink
45. ROODHUIJZEN, Beatrix, born Katwijk aan den Rijn 09.09.1834, cleaning lady, died The Hague 10.12.1892
  From marriage 1:
  a. Arie van den Barselaar, born The Hague 03.09.1864 (quarter 22)
  b1. Sijtje Martina van den Barselaar, born The Hague 02.04.1866 (twins)
  b2. Dorothea Maria van den Barselaar, born The Hague 02.04.1866 (twins)
  c. Beatrix van den Barselaar, born The Hague 25.10.1867
  d. Matthijs van den Barselaar, born The Hague 16.10.1869
  e. Niesje van den Barselaar, born The Hague 04.04.1872
  f. Theodorus Petrus van den Barselaar, born The Hague 02.04.1874
  g. Simon van den Barselaar, born The Hague 01.07.1875
46. MALIEPAARD, Goris/Gooris, born Stad aan 't Haringvliet 24.09.1813, carpenter/bricklayer/shopkeeper, died Kralingen 30.10.1891, marr.1° Oude Tonge 30.05.1834 Johanna de Bruijne, born Oude Tonge 31.08.1815, died Haarlemmermeer 26.03.1861, daughter of Cornelis de Bruijne and Jacoba van Zuuren; marr.2° Haarlemmermeer 19.09.1861
47. KOTER/KOOTER, Lena de, born Zevenhuizen (ZH) 21.05.1841, died Rotterdam 19.12.1914
  From marriage 1 (i.a. ?):
  a. Cornelis Maliepaard, born Stad aan 't Haringvliet 19.03.1835
  b. Jacoba Maliepaard, born Nieuwe Tonge 05.09.1837, died Nieuwe Tonge 31.12.1847 ('ten years old')



Lijntje Maliepaard, born Nieuwe Tonge 24.07.1839, died Nieuwe Tonge 05.10.1843 ('four years old')



Gerrit Maliepaard, born Nieuwe Tonge 16.08.1842



Jan Maliepaard, born Nieuwe Tonge 01.10.1844, died Nieuwe Tonge 10.01.1848 ('three years old')



Daniėl Maliepaard, born Nieuwe Tonge 19.01.1846, died Nieuwe Tonge 07.01.1848 ('almost two years old')



Jacoba Maliepaard, born Nieuwe Tonge 23.02.1848



Jan Maliepaard, born Nieuwe Tonge 12.10.1851



Daniėl Maliepaard, born Nieuwe Tonge 23.07.1854, died Kralingen 06.11.1859 ('fifteen years old')



Willem Pieter Maliepaard, born Haarlemmermeer 30.11.1856, died Haarlemmermeer 17.02.1860 ('three years old')



Willem Pieter Maliepaard, born Haarlemmermeer 22.03.1861, died Haarlemmermeer 20.07.1861 ('four months old')

  From marriage 2 (o.a.?):
  l. Wilhelmina Maliepaard, born Haarlemmermeer 09.05.1862 (quarter 23)
  m. Lientje Maliepaard, born Haarlemmermeer 29.06.1863



Goris Maliepaard, born Haarlemmermeer 02.05.1865



Francina/Fransina Maliepaard, born Kralingen 10.03.1869, died Kralingen 23.05.1871 ('two years old')



Francina/Fransina Maliepaard, born Kralingen 03.12.1871



Adriana Jacoba Maliepaard, born Kralingen 03.01.1874, died Kralingen 19.04.1874 ('three months old')



Jacob Maliepaard, born Kralingen 20.01.1875



Willem Pieter Maliepaard, born Kralingen 01.04.1876



Dirk Maliepaard, born Kralingen 07.04.1878



Pieter Maliepaard, born Gorinchem 31.01.1880, died Gorinchem 19.05.1880 ('three months old')



Adriana Cornelia Maliepaard, born Gorinchem 02.04.1881



Cornelia Maria Maliepaard, born Kralingen 26.05.1884, died Kralingen 02.10.1884 ('four months old')

  Source: Jan Tolboom



48. SCHURINGA, Hindrik Tjakkes, bapt. Veendam 13.11.1796, in marriage certificate: without occupation, in birth certificate son: farmer, died (as Hendrik Tjakkes Schuringa) Wildervank 19.08.1858, marr. Wildervank 23.11.1818
49. FEKKEN, Roelfien/Roelfjen Hergens, bapt. Wildervank 23.12.1799, died (as Roelfien Fekken, widow of Hendrik Schuringa) Wildervank 13.02.1889
  From this marriage:
  a. Tjakke Hindriks Schuringa, born Wildervank 18.02.1819
  b. Hergen Hindriks Schuringa, born Wildervank 14.05.1822
  c. Jan Hindriks Schuringa, born Veendam 21.08.1824
  d. Geertje Hindriks Schuringa, born Wildervank 29.11.1826
  e. Janke Jindriks Schuringa, born Wildervank 26.01.1830
  f. Albert Hindriks Schuringa, born Wildervank 05.08.1832 (quarter 24)
  g. Jacob Hindriks Schuringa, born Wildervank 11.03.1834
  h. Annechien Hindriks Schuringa, born Wildervank 13.04.1836
  i. Tjapko Hindriks Schuringa, born Wildervank 10.04.1838
  j. Hinderkien Hindriks Schuringa, born Wildervank 01.08.1842
50. SCHUILING, Evert, born Spijkerboor 20.11.1801, bapt. Anloo 03.01.1802, farmer/innkeeper, died Anloo 06.08.1880, marr.1° Anloo 24.02.1826 Harmke Hendriks Landbouwer (see quarter 51); marr.2° Anloo 27.07.1857 Sijtske de Vries, born Sappemeer 27.08.1815, died (as Sietske de Vries) Zuidbroek 12.04.1890, daughter of Jan Geerts de Vries (farmer) and Grietje Oomkes Blaauw
51. LANDBOUWER, Harmke Hendriks, born Annerveenschecompagnie, bapt. Anloo-De Kiel 15.04.1798, died Annerveen (mun. Anloo) 25.09.1842



Her marriage certificate and her death certificate give two different dates for her birth/baptism.
  From this marriage:
  a. Egge Schuiling, born Anloo 04.06.1826
  b. Hendrik Schuiling, born Anloo 17.08.1827, died Anloo 28.09.1827 (death certificate calls him 'Schuling')
  c. Hendrik Schuiling, born Anloo 09.01.1829
  d. Aaldert Schuiling, born Anloo 27.11.1831
  e. Lambert Schuiling, born Anloo 13.01.1833
  f. Lammechien Schuiling, born Anloo 26.07.1834 (quarter 25)
  g. Aaltje Schuiling, born Anloo 14.03.1836
  h. Henderkien Schuiling, born Anloo 09.09.1837
  i. Geertien Schuiling, born Anloo 11.12.1838
  From marriage 2 (i.a. ?):
  j. still-born child, born/died Eext (mun. Anloo) 22.04.1858
52. EMMENS, Jan (Jans), bapt. Vries 01.03.1784 (as son of Jan Wolthers and Marchijn Jacobs), died probably Anloo 31.10.1840, marr. Vries 19.05.1825
    In the death certificate of the Jan (Wolters) Emmen(s) who died in Anloo in 1840, no parents are mentioned, no spouse and no place and date of birth. But his age is 55 and that would tally with his year of birth.



53. MENTING, Geertien Hendriks, born Eext, bapt. Anloo 03.12.1797, died Anloo 02.03.1863



Geertien Menting marr.2° Anloo 01.10.1845 Egbert Alberts Keur, born Erm 07.12.1803, bapt. Sleen 11.12.1803, labourer, died Annen (mun. Anloo) 05.01.1868, widower of Jantien Meyering, son of Albert Alberts Keur and Roelina Camping
  From this marriage (i.a. ?):
  a. Marchien Emmen(s), born Vries 10.02.1826
  b. Hendrik Emmens, born Vries 14.04.1828 (quarter 26)
54. MENNEGA, Berend/Berent, born Gieten 29.06.1821, farmer/cooper, died Anloo 27.07.1891, marr. Gieten 18.04.1844
55. THIESSENS/THIESING/TEESING/TJASSENS, Fennechien, born most probably  Bu(i)nen, bapt. [as 'Fennegien Friezenger, daughter of Harm Friezenger (farmer) and Mijntien Jans'(transcription Drenlias)]Borger 25.09.1812, died Anloo 25.04.1882
    The marriage certificate also gives this date for Fennechien's birth
  From this marriage (i.a. ?):
  a. Cristina Mennega, born Eext (Anloo) 29.06.1844 (quarter 27)
  b. Gezina Mennega, born Eext (Anloo) 03.08.1847
  c. Harm Mennega, born Eext (Anloo) 29.10.1851
56. SOENVELD, Jeronimus, born Veendam 22.01.1816, (pastry)baker, died Nieuwe Pekela 21.12.1895, marr. Wildervank 28.03.1844
57. SAP, Thelina Ottes, born Wildervank 15.08.1816, died Wildervank 28.07.1883
  From this marriage (i.a. ?):
  a. Jan Hendrik Soenveld, born Wildervank 22.06.1845, died Wildervank 26.10.1845 ('four months old')
  b. Otto Soenveld, born Wildervank 29.08.1846, died Wildervank 10.10.1846 ('seven weeks old')



Jan Hendrik Soenveld, born Wildervank 25.11.1847 (quarter28)



Hindrikje Soenveld, born Wildervank 29.07.1850, died Wildervank 17.07.1852 ('almost two years old')



doodgeboren zoon, born/died Wildevank 20.05.1853



There is a whole story in the margin of the death certificate, unreadable however on the photocopy

  e. Otto Soenveld, born Wildervank 23.05.1854
  f.  Wilto Soenveld, born Wildervank 18.08.1856
58. BIERLING, Roelf/Roelof, born Groningen 31.08.1815, shopkeeper/coffee-house owner/innkeeper, died Groningen 12.06.1870, marr. Haren 11.04.1846
59. MEIJER, Fennechien, born Dilgt (mun. Haren, Gr.) 28.06.1821, innkeeper, died Groningen 19.02.1884
  From this marriage:
  a. Jan Bierling, born Groningen 28.05.1846
  b. Roelf/Roelof Bierling, born Groningen 06.05.1848
  c. Aafien Bierling, born Groningen 05.09.1850 (quarter 29)
  d. Johannes Bierling, born Groningen 24.03.1852, died Groningen 24.07.1854



Allerdina Bierling, born Groningen 19.04.1854

  e. Johannes Bierling, born Groningen 16.08.1856
  f. Fredrik Bierling, born Groningen 25.12.1858, died Groningen 12.09.1859
  g. Frederik Bierling, born Groningen 18.05.1862, died Groningen 21.06.1884
60. BRANDS, Jan Harms, born Veendam 08.12.1785, bapt. Veendam 01.01.1786, weaver/weaver's hand, died
Buinerveen (mun. Borger) 20.12.1855, marr. Zuidbroek 12.03.1815
61. BOUWMAN, Trijntje Tammes, born Zuidbroek 29.07.1794, bapt. Zuidbroek 03.08.1794, died
Zuidbroek 13.03.1848
  From this marriage:
  a. Hilje Jans Brands, born Zuidbroek 12.01.1816, died Zuidbroek 07.12.1839 ('23 years old')
  b. Tammo Jans Brands, born Zuidbroek 19.02.1819
  c. Annechien Jans Brands, born Zuidbroek 27.10.1821, died Zuidbroek 14.02.1845 ('23 years old')
  d. Jacobje Jans Brands, born Zuidbroek 25.07.1824, died Zuidbroek 07.04.1844 ('19 years old')
  e. Harm Jans Brands, born Zuidbroek 24.03.1827
  f. Wupke Jans Brands, born Zuidbroek 05.06.1830, died Zuidbroek 04.10.1831 ('one year old')
    g. Edo Jans Brands, born Zuidbroek 17.12.1832 (quarter 30)
  h. Anthonie Jans Brands, born Zuidbroek 15.03.1836, died Zuidbroek 07.10.1837 ('one year and six months old')
  i. Anthonie Jans Brands, born Zuidbroek 04.02.1839
62. SCHUITEMA, Jan Gabes, born Niezijl 28.09.1813 or 28.10.1813, shipwright, died Gasselternijveenschemond (mun. Gasselte) 08.04.1881, marr. Leek 04.08.1839
63. FEENSTRA, Henke/Hinke Ebbels, born Tolbert (mun. Leek) 08.12.1818, died Gasselternijveen
(mun. Gasselte) 05.02.1870
  From this marriage:
  a. Grietje Schuitema, born Leek 16.12.1839 (quarter 31)
  b. Gabe Schuitema, born Leek 08.03.1844
  c. Sjieuwke Schuitema, born Nordhorn 13.03.1846
  d. Oege Schuitema, born Leek 12.03.1849
  e. Eb(b)el Schuitema, born Leek 17.02.1852, died Leek 16.08.1849 ('seven years old')
  f. Aaltje Schuitema, born Leek 17.11.1854
  g. Trijntje/Trientje Schuitema, born Gasselternijveen 31.08.1857
  h. Antje Schuitema, born Gasselternijveen 24.09.1860

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