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On the following pages you'll find some genealogical information about one of the approximately six Simonis families in Holland. This information has been gathered by me over the years in all kinds of archives in Holland, on the Internet, but also through phone calls and correspondence (by letter or by e-mail) with people in Holland, Germany, Great Britain, France, South Africa, Australia and the United States of America.
The purpose of this site is, of course, to get even more information, because about some families in my family tree I don't know very much.

As you no doubt want to know who you are dealing with, I give you the following details about myself: my name is Hans Simonis, I was born in The Hague (Holland) on June 11, 1938, for fourty-one years I was married to Tineke Schuringa (she died in May 2006, alas) and together we have three children: MichaŽl, GabriŽlle and Miriam. Through them we have three grandsons and one granddaughter, of which only one grandson bears the name Simonis. But as a proud grandfather I mention them all of course !
Up till 1998 I was a producer/presenter in the Classical Music Department of AVRO, one of the biggest and most important independent radio channels in Holland.

On the page
The name I'll tell something about the origin and distribution of the name Simonis. Not too much - I don't know very much about it myself !
Under the heading
Founder you can read about the oldest Simonis I have found so far, the chirurgeon Matthijs Simonis and the connection of one of his grandsons with the Orange-Nassau's (the Dutch royal family).
On the page
Male line you'll find the direct line from our grandson Christiaan to this Matthijs.
Ancestors page gives a lot of details (eleven generations on seven pages) about our children's ancestors, both from my side as well as my wife's.
On the
Pictures page are some pictures of Simonisses, some of them my direct ancestors and offspring (great-grandparents/grandparents/parents/children/grandchildren), but also some of more distant relatives.Maybe you see somebody you recognize !
Sources shows acknowledgements to people who sent me information and to those from who's website I 'borrowed'.
Index page contains (almost) all the names on this site and is - partly - clickable.

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