Simonis Genealogy

Male line and offspring of Hans Simonis

I Mat(t)hijs Simonis, bapt. Luik (probably) 24.05.1623, 'young man from Liège', master chirurgeon, died The Hague between 01.01.1677 and 19.01.1677, banns The Hague 15.01.1651, marr. The Hague 29.01.1651 (town hall) Maria Pauwelsdr van der Maers(ch), bapt. Wateringen .... ± 1625, bur. The Hague 05.09.1687, daughter of Pauwel Jacobsz van der Maers (master pail-maker) and Sara van Oostrom
  Mathijs could be the same as Mathieu Simon, born in Liège (Belgium) on 24.05.1623 as 'fils illégitime'
(illegitimate son) of Jo[ann]is/Jean Simon and Anna NN (Archive de l'Etât, Luik)
  From this marriage four children. Among them:
II Andreas/Andries Simonis/Simonius/Symon(s), bapt. The Hague (?) ....., wine merchant, bur. The Hague 03.01.1721, banns The Hague 26.01.1687, marr. Emmerich (Sankt Aldegundis Kirche) 09.02.1687 Cornelia (Maria) Cramers/Kremer, 'young maiden from Emmerik', bapt. Emmerich (Sankt Aldegundis Kirche) 04.04.1667, bur. The Hague 24.06.1759, daughter of Henrici Kremer and Annae van Gein
  From this marriage six children. Among them:
III Henric(u)s Lambert(u)s Simonis, bapt. The Hague 26.11.1698 (rc Nobelstr, witn.: 'Maria Anna Simonis loco Rdi dm Lamberti Cramers'), notice of death The Hague 08.03.1759, banns The Hague 04.08.1720, marr. The Hague (Reformed Church Loosduinen) 18.08.1720 He(y)ndrina W(e)ijnants, bapt. The Hague 09.11.1687 (Groote Kerk, reformed, witn.: Johannes and Barbara van Nassau), notice of death The Hague 08.08.1757, bur. in Rijswijk, daughter of J(oh)an(nes) Wijnants and Alida van Nassau
  J(oh)an Wijnants, born in Maastricht, 'usher' of the orphan's court of The Hague, married in 1686 one Alida van Nassau. She was a daughter of Willem, squire van Nassau, an illegitimate son of Willem, bastard of Nassau, lord of
De Lek (also called "Nassau-La Lecq"). He in turn was an illegitimate son of Maurits, count of Nassau, prince of Orange
  From this marriage four children. Among them:
IV Philippus Jo(h)annes Simonis, bapt. The Hague 08.04.1731 (rc Casuariestr; witn.: Cornelius van Tylegem and Cornelia van Veen), notice of death The Hague 03.07.1807, banns The Hague 30.05.1756, marr. The Hague
(town hall) 13.06.1756 Adriana Monnier, bapt. The Hague 03.09.1736 (rc Oude Molstr, witn.: 'Henricus Monnier et Adriana van der Vaart, uxor Joannis van Coolen'), notice of death The Hague 07.12.1787, daughter of Adrianus Monnier and Alida (Elisabeth) van Coolen
  From this marriage ten children. Among them:
V Jo(h)annes Henricus (Hendrik) Simonis, bapt. The Hague 01.01.1773 (rc Oude Molstr), witn.: 'Mater Ecclesia'), shoemaker/in death certificate: wine merchant's hand, died The Hague 05.02.1823, banns The Hague 29.11.1795, marr. The Hague 13.12.1795 Johanna Heijt, bapt. The Hague 09.06.1776 (Groote Kerk, by Rev. Munnekemolen), cleaning lady, died The Hague 21.01.1850, daughter of Johannes Heijt and Petronella Franken
  From this marriage eleven children. Among them::
VI Adrianus Simonis, born/bapt. The Hague 28.05.1810 [rk Casuariestr, 'Hagae hodie natus'(= born today in The Hague), witn.: Jacobus Simonis and Emerentia Soubert, bapt. by A. van Gils], tin smith, later labouror, later still street-trader/merchant/fish monger, died The Hague 24.10.1863, marr. The Hague 06.12.1837 Anna Maria Elf(f)ert, born Amsterdam 18.12.1811, died The Hague 08.03.1897, daughter of Johan Christiaan/Chrétien Elf(f)ert (clerk) and v Antje van der Drift (seamstress)
  From this marriage twelve children. Among them:
VII Frederik Gerardus Johannes Simonis, born The Hague 01.03.1837 (as Frederik Gerardus Johannes Elfert, acknowledged at his parents' marriage), merchant, died The Hague 25.03.1918, marr. The Hague 18.09.1861
Maria Elzenbroek, born The Hague 22.09.1828, house maid, died The Hague 23.07.1917, daughter of Hermanus Elzenbroek (servant) and Maria Meijer
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  From this marriage seven children. Among them:
VIII Marinus Johannes Christiaan Simonis, born The Hague 01.08.1869, merchant/fish monger, died The Hague 18.11.1934 (in the Old People's Home), marr. The Hague 14.11.1894 Petronella Gerritje Maria Kraak, born Utrecht 30.12.1868, died The Hague 06.05.1908, daughter of Jan Marinus Hendricus Kraak (trunk maker) and Maria Antonnetta Charlotta Werkhoven
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  From this marriage seven children. Among them:
IX Frederik Gerardus Johannes Simonis, born The Hague 27.12.1906, awning and Venetian blind maker, died The Hague 17.03.1976, marr. The Hague 27.05.1931 Petronella Elisabeth Zwalve, born The Hague 02.02.1911, died The Hague 22.01.2003, daughter of Tieleman Pieter Zwalve (coffeehouse owner) and v Lena Francina van den Barselaar
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  From this marriage two children. Among them:
X Hans Simonis, born The Hague 11.06.1938, producer/presentator radio, marr. Hoogeveen 06.11.1964 Trientje Schuringa, born Loppersum 14.10.1939, chemical analyst, died Meppen (Germany) 30.05.2006, daughter of Hendrik Schuringa (director fruit and vegetable auction) and Thelina Soenveld
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  From this marriage three children:
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  1. Michaël Frederik Simonis, born Hilversum 19.10.1965, see XI
  2. Gabriëlle Thelina Simonis, CCM (Certified Credit Manager), born Hilversum 29.12.1967, marr. Vorden 04.08.1994 Erik Reusen, born Utrecht 10.10.1955 (details omitted for privacy reasons)



From this marriage:



a.    Amber Mackenzie Reusen, born Lelystad 10.01.2005
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  3. Miriam Elisabeth Simonis, born Hilversum 16.04.1970, marr. Ter Aar 06.06.1997 Johan Peter de Graaf, born Haarlem 13.09.1965 (details omitted for privacy reasons)
  From this marriage:
  a. Bob Johan de Graaf, born Leiderdorp 17.09.1999
  b. Lars Laurens de Graaf, born Leiderdorp 08.04.2003
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XI Michaël Frederik Simonis, born Hilversum 19.10.1965, lives together with Anna Jacoba Groeneveld, born Sneek 01.04.1973 (details omitted for privacy reasons)
  Uit deze verbintenis:
   1. Christiaan Simonis, born Breda 06.12.1995
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