Simonis Genealogy


In the beginning there was … Matthijs !

Matthijs Simonis was, as I already stated, a "chirurgijn" (chirurgeon) who might have been born in 1623 as Mathieu Simon in the Belgian town of Liège (the enquiries haven't been completed yet).
Chirurgeons in those days were not real doctors, but they were certainly NO quacks. They knew a lot about medicinal herbs and most of the time they had their own pharmacy. Matthijs came to Holland in 1649 and took up residence in The Hague where he married Maria van der Maers(ch) in 1651. They had two daughters and two sons, who almost all of them had something to do with the medical profession: one daughter married a doctor, the other a chirurgijn. One son became a doctor himself, he graduated in 1690 from the then well-known University of Harderwijk.

The other son, Andreas, became a wine merchant. In 1687 he married Cornelia Maria Cramers, born in the German town of Emmerich. Of their six children three died very young, about one son, Cornelis Mattheus, is little to be found (he rented a house in The Hague in 1729), but of the other son, Henricus Lambertus, the course of his life can be followed quite easily. He brought some royal blood into the family. Ah well, royal .... it all went through some births out of wedlock and through the female line.

In 1720 Henricus married Hendrina Wijnants, daughter of Jan Wijnants and Alida van Nassau. This Alida was a daughter of William, squire of Nassau, an illegitimate son of William, bastard of Nassau, lord of the Lek (also called 'Nassau-La Lecq'). He in turn (the word bastard already says it all) was an illegitimate son of Maurits, count of Nassau, prince of Orange.
Maurits has never been married, but he had children from several relationships. Those of his favourite mistress Margaretha van Mechelen were acknowledged, were raised at the court and were allowed to use the name Van Nassau.

Prince Maurits (1567 - 1625)
count of Nassau, prince of Oranje
son of William of Orange & Anna of Saxony
(Collection Huis Bergh)

Willem of Nassau, lord of the Lek
son of Maurits & Margaretha van Mechelen
North-Netherlands school, ± 1608
(Amsterdam, Institute Collection Holland)

Henricus and Hendrina had four children, of which only one procreated. But this Philippus Joannes did well: he had ten children ! As was normal in those times, alas, some of them died at a very young age. Four sons stayed alive and they all had offspring. From them originated (in the beginning mostly in The Hague and surroundings) four branches of the same 'tree', the same Simonis family.

So if you belong to this family you can descend from
Jacobus Adrianus Henricus Simonis (baptized 1765),
from Theodorus Antonius Simonis (baptized 1768),
like me from Joannes Henricus Simonis (baptized 1773)
or from Christianus Simonis (baptized 1778).
From whoever of those four you are a descendant, you are family !


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